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Raw Fermented Vegetables, Coconut Kefir, Kombuchas made with local honey, Salve and more!

“May this food nourish your body”

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality cultured foods to our community, educate on why you should consume cultured foods with every meal and help you add cultured foods into your diet. Changing your diet changes your life. We want to make life easier for you.


Coconut Kefir - Pint
Horseradish Mustard - ½ Pint
Fermented Pickles – Quart*
Sauerkraut - Quart*
KimChi - Pint*
Jun Kombucha (includes baby scoby) – Quart
Chaga Kombucha – Quart*
Wild Chamomile Kombucha – Quart*
Ask us about seasonal ferments!
Like Lemon Dill Kraut*, Fennel Kraut*, Caraway Onion Kraut*, Krauty Beets*,
Pickled Daikon*, Spicy Zucchini*,
Curried Cauliflower*, Beet Kvass*,
Love Kombucha, Root Beer Kombucha,
Flavored Kefirs*
Our menu changes every week.
We take custom orders.

Alaska Grown

Fun Facts

Kombucha: Has antibiotic-resistant probiotic yeast: In addition to the good bacteria in kombucha there is a special probiotic yeast called Saccharomyces Boulardii (S. boulardii) that is resistant to antibiotics, which makes it incredibly useful for maintaining a healthy gut when treating an illness with antibiotics.
We do not promote drinking store bought kombucha, nor kombucha made with cane sugar as the sugar cane plant is poisonous to humans. Kombucha should be homemade with honey.

Sauerkraut: You can get up to 700 mg of vitamin C in one cup of fermented sauerkraut as opposed to the 60 mg in cabbage alone. We add sauerkraut to many foods. A spoonful has more probiotics than an entire bottle of probiotic supplements. Nothing is more effective on an upset stomach or even food poisoning. A spoonful of the juice works quickly. When you feel the relief, you’ll wonder why everybody doesn’t know about this wonderful home remedy. A jar can last over a year in the refrigerator and remain perfectly preserved. Add a spoonful to sandwiches, wraps, on top of your stir fry, or alongside your meat and veggies!

Removes Pesticides: The process of fermentation removes pesticides from the vegetables with the special bacteria L. plantarum. Not only does it help remove pesticides and chemicals from the veggies, but it removes them from inside of you, too. It’s exciting that microbes can help us by removing pesticides from our vegetables. It’s often a hardship for people to always buy organic, but the healthy bacteria L. plantarum can remedy this. L. plantarum bacterial strains studied from fermented vegetables in kimchi were found to be capable of degrading four different organophosphorus insecticides by using them as a source of carbon and phosphorous.

For thousands of years it was the process of fermentation that made possible the safe storage of food. The good bacteria in cultured foods become so strong and dominant that they keep pathogens and harmful bacteria out. It is how people protected themselves and made their food safe. They also found these foods had more vitamins than they contained before they were fermented. The fermentation process added enzymes and probiotics and helped digest the foods they ate. When there are so many good bacteria strains and good yeasts in foods from the process of fermentation, the harmful and bad bacteria cannot survive. It’s how the whole wonderful art of fermentation was designed to help us. It preserves the food and when you eat it, it preserves you and makes you live longer. Botulism cannot happen – it is a scientific impossibility. It won’t survive the good and mighty acidifying bacteria that are found by the billions in these foods.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Love Farms products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why choose Love Farms?

This food is made with LOVE, in our home, as a family.
All our food is made with local and organic ingredients.

We moved to Nikolaevsk, Alaska in August 2016. Love Farms was born, and joined Alaska Grown. We are working under Alaska’s cottage foods law, which means we are allowed to sell our homemade probiotic goodness direct to consumer. Find us vending at Woda Botanicals, 3939 Lake St., Homer

A Note from Love Farms

People come to fermentation for a number of reasons. For some it is for the age-old reason of preserving the harvest into the cold, lean months. But many people come to fermentation for the health benefits. And so here is why we ferment: flavor! It has to be flavor, because, ultimately, if you don’t like these ferments you won’t eat them and then it really doesn’t matter how long they last, or how digestible and full of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics they are. We hope to introduce you to some flavors that we find fantastic while encouraging you to invent your own.

Fermentation is one of those wonders of the universe that we think is a gift to all of us.

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Find us vending at Woda Botanicals, 3939 Lake St., Homer, AK 99603

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